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An exclusive, one of a kind product.

Old World Tabby was born out of a centuries-old building technique, using oyster shells as the core aggregate to create foundations, walls, and floors in the Southeast coastal regions. Today, many of these structures still exist as a testament to the beauty and strength of the process. The Old World Tabby Company has reimagined the use of oyster shells with modern technology to create shell products in hand made concrete and porcelain.

Due to the length of time needed to create our “original” concrete product and the limited production quantity, we made a decision to pair with Italy in making a very unique, exclusive porcelain version. The artistry and the detail of the Old World Tabby coupled with Italy’s expertise and years of experience bring the product to life. Savannah Stone Source can now bring a more affordable, maintenance-free option to the industry that can be enjoyed by all.

Our products are an ideal surface solution for pools, decks, porches, countertops, and architectural elements.