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Old World Tabby Oyster White Porcelain Pavers Installation - Savannah Surfaces
Old World Tabby logo - Savannah Surfaces

Old World Tabby

Old World Tabby Porcelain combines natural shell and coral products with modern technology to create a beautiful, unique product. Our pavers are an ideal surface solution for pool decks, patios, porches, and architectural elements. Old World Tabby Porcelain is an exclusive, one of a kind porcelain paver.

Sandstone Pavers - Driftwood - Savannah Surfaces - Natural Stone Supplier

Classic Sandstone

Indian Sandstone is a sedimentary stone; the rocks are formed from a material that has settled at the bottom of a body of water or been deposited in a desert and compressed over millions of years, creating layers. Natural stone pavers, such as Sandstone and Limestone, come from eroded rocks.

Portico with Limestone Pavers - Savannah Surfaces

Tumbled Limestone

Limestone is a sedimentary stone that is very common all over the world. Natural stone pavers made from limestone are very versatile, durable, and consistent in color.

Exclusive Italian Porcelain pavers in Grigio - Savannah Surfaces Wholesale Division

Exclusive Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain tile is weather-resistant stoneware for any type of outdoor flooring. It is hard-wearing, anti-slip, and capable of withstanding heavy loads. It can be installed on grass, sand, gravel, or mortar set over a concrete base. It can also be used in approved raised installation systems.